Life with flowers

How to choose and arrange flowers for your home

Are there flowers in your home? There are moments when your feeling can get softened just by having a single flower in sight, your mood can be uplifted by taking in the scent of the flower. Let's incorporate flowers into our lives ♪

Start with a single flower

"Let's buy one flower today." If you think so, you can easily go to the flower shop. You can choose your favourite flowers, seasonal flowers, or choose from your favourite colors. What are the flowers that attract you as soon as you enter the shop? Isn't it exciting just by thinking so? 

One flower in one vase

First, decorate one vase with one kind of flower.
When arranging several vases together, the space becomes special, it's the visual benefit of grouping. 


A bouquet of only one kind of flower 

An easy way to increase gorgeousness is to increase the number of one type of flowers. Bundling only one kind of flower looks sophisticated but easy for anyone to take in. Depending on the type of flower, it may be a good idea to increase the number slightly if the stem is thin, with about 7 to 10 bundles as a guide. Seasonal flowers such as tulips look very gorgeous this way. 

Suggestions: Tulip, mimosa, hydrangea, peony, gerbera, etc.

Enjoy hydroponics

Hydroponics is a method of growing in water without using soil. One of the pleasures is the growth and relaxing form of the bulb roots. You can grow them in glass vases and other fashionable items. The key is to submerse only the roots in water.

Suggestions: Hyacinth, muscari, tulip, crocus, etc.

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